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Welcome to Janaraksha Rural Development Trust(R)                                                            


Janaraksha Rural Development Trust® has a long standing of 9 years in the service to the poor and needy in various parts of Karnataka. The organization gave focus on Child Education and women empowerment throughout its service period. It worked through self help groups of women to provide them maximum benefits.

Janaraksha Rural Development Trust(R) stands for the benefit of the weaker sections of our society, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and sex.
A Society of Love, Peace and Justice
Restoration of human dignity of the poor marginalized and discriminated – through change in attitudes and value systems along with a process of empowerment. 
We society in urban and rural areas and village development by adopting villages.


To provide qualitative and value based higher education for rural youths.

Welcome toJanaraksha ®.

Our Mission:
To empower underprivileged sections of society through quality education that builds knowledge, skills, values, and creates socially responsible citizens.

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