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Our Mission:
To empower underprivileged sections of society through quality education that builds knowledge, skills, values, and creates socially responsible citizens.

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To provide qualitative and value based higher education for rural youths.

To promote equality beyond cast sum, religion and create awareness about our culture and heritage
To help in the Nation’s Development.
Adults who are unemployed beet interested to work are encouraged to start get self Impressed.
To give moral support to the needly.
To educate people on population, health, social welfare etc.
To create awareness on patriotism.
Dame, Literature and local folk dance.
To encourage our Culture, Act.
To make people aware of environment natural resources.
To safeguard the archaic logical heritage of our Country.
To establish old Age, help age homes and orphanage for the needy.
To encourage research activities and people working in the field.
To conduct cultural program and sports event in every school.
To create awareness about AIDs, T.B. and Various infections disease.
To provide insurance facilities the accidental insurance, Janashri scheme, Raja Rajeshwari Kalyana Scheme to the needy.
To promote addiction free (alcohol and drugs) society.
To create Entrepreneurial and Social awareness among women.
To train women in skills to ensure their economic self-reliance.
To promote social Justice and equality for women
To promote Self-Employment and other venture for economic rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
To train youth in leadership qualities.
To promote integrated transformation of rural areas.
To perpetuate need based education system in rural areas.
To mobilize increased attention and political commitment on HIV/AIDS, drugs, alcohol.
To join hands with the government and other agencies in the development program for accelerating the social change.
To take care of old aged needy people and to take care of their helth, food and shelter.
To undertake all activities for the empowerment and development of welfare of women and children.




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